Abstract Art

Where I’m From…

Where I’m from sounds like…
Children’s tiny laughter
Church bells ringing in the rafters
Cars whizzing by
A broken heart’s cry
Little old ladies remembering the good ol’ days
Youngsters trying to find their way
Teenage girls spreading gossip
Parents arguing over a small toss up
Students wandering the halls
Two young gentlemen in a brawl

Where I’m from tastes like…
The salty flavor of the sea
Sweet honey from the bumble bee
The choking bitterness of the air
The candy-coated joy of being without a care
Spicy relationships of young love
Warm, sweet tenderness like a woolen glove
Juicy stories of our ancestors
Hot summers on the porch of ol’ Worchester’s
Back-breaking sweat from a day out on the court
Tangy citrus skies while visiting the old abandoned port

Where I’m from looks like…
A picture in a movie
Good old parents who use to say groovy
Moments in time we wish we still had
The people we miss and make us feel sad
Community service in its prime
Friends getting together, having a good time
Tradition and pride passed down to us
Children who yearn to get on the school bus
Nature’s greatest gifts growing and striving
Young and old minds still loving and thriving

Where I’m from smells like…
Motors fuming everywhere
Pollutions growing in the air
Wet dogs running in the rain
Grandpa’s pipe and mahogany cane
Momma’s favorite perfume
The dust Grandma sweeps with her antique broom
My blanket drying on the line
Daddy’s fishing pole made of twine
A new book’s ruffling pages
A flower’s life in many stages

Where I’m from feels like…
Hope when all seems lost
Being rich in a love that doesn’t cost
The joy you find at Christmas
The stress you get from owning a business
Love whose doors are always wide open
Friendship that helps when you’re coping
Relaxing by the fire on those cold winter days
The depression you get from being alone
Peace and serenity when you’re home, sweet home

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What My Abstract World is All About

I am a lover of art in every sense. So in order to tell the purpose of my blog, here are a few words.

I love to write. I have been writing since the sixth grade when my science teacher was gone for the day and we had a substitute teacher. Our assignment was to write a short story about the rainy weather outside. Well it seemed my story seemed to grow and with it my imagination. The story moved from a cold rainy day outside to a scary, wild day filled with action, evil substitute aliens trying to take over the school, and homework. Our paper was minimum a page long; mine was six and I hadn't finished when the sub called the timer. I had enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do more, but being in the show business I never had time. Then in seventh grade, the Young Georgia Authors contest showed up. We could write about anything we wanted. Well at the time, I had just finshed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and began Eragon. So Eladaar, the dragon prince, came to be. I spent all night typing up the ending that I had not imagined because my true ending was too long. I wanted to write a book. It ended up being 20 pages of ammature writing that I was mighty proud of. Except no one in my class wanted to read it. I remember getting upset with one of the boys in my class because he said a rude comment about my piece of imaginative art. But I guess they will never know. I placed third in the competition, which is pretty awesome for a story I pulled together at the last minute. Eladaar to this day has sparked my imagination and is still in the process of creation. My dragon rider's story is coming slowly but steadily. Many others have capture my mind and have stolen my attention,but I will always come back to it.

This blog's purpose is to get my imagination moving at a steady pace. I am not a fast writer. When the idea comes, my thoughts fly. Here I want to contain those that are dying to be known. I want to keep track of my thoughts and my own pace, so that I may become a better writer. I will publish a few things here and there but for now this page is about my writing world and what inspires me.Hopefully, I will inspire many other crazy scatterbrained authors just like me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to My World

I am a dreamer and an artist
I wonder what the world would be like without war
I hear the angels weep over a lost soul
I see the love and hate of the world
I want the perfect soul mate
I am a dreamer and an artist

I pretend my life is perfect and dreams really do come true
I feel pity for those whose lives are hanging by a thread
I worry that my mistakes will cause pain to those I love
I cry when true love is torn a part
I am a dreamer and an artist

I understand my parents make mistakes
I say God has plans for everyone
I dream a message will be given to me so that I will spread it to millions
I try to bring happiness to those around me
I hope my children's lives will be better than my own
I am a dreamer and an artist

And welcome to Life's Abstract World